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What is a BCS-F?

Board Certified Specialist in Fluency

A Board Certified Specialist in Fluency (BCS-F) is a speech-language pathologist who has obtained certification beyond the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The CCC certificate assures the consumer that the professional has completed a rigorous training program that may include fluency courses and clinical experience, passed a national examination, and completed a postgraduate clinical fellowship year of supervised work experience. ASHA-approved Specialty Certification Programs award speech-language pathologists who have advanced training and have met high standards of clinical expertise in specific areas. Board Certified Specialists in Fluency (BCS-F) have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the nature and treatment of stuttering and other fluency disorders, and have undergone peer review of their qualifications. See Standards for Certification and Standards for Maintenance and Renewal for more information.
Board Certified Specialists in Fluency provide services for evaluation and treatment of fluency disorders. Some specialists may provide services for a specific age group. They may work in the private, school, and/or university setting. In addition, they may offer consultative services for other speech-language pathologists, just as your family physician works with a medical specialist. A growing number of specialists use teleconferencing and video review to collaborate or perform evaluation, treatment, and/or consultation services. Many specialists also provide training for speech-language pathologists in the area of fluency disorders.

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