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Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to the Specialist Roundtable Discussion

Join the American Board of Stuttering, Cluttering and Fluency Disorders for an upcoming Virtual Roundtable discussion!

2024 Schedule (subject to change):

Beyond the Therapy Room
May 5, 2024; 12:00 pm (Eastern)

A frequent challenge for speech-language pathologists working with people who stutter is how to help move the approaches worked on in therapy into the real world. In this round table, participants will discuss how they help their clients generalize and carry over the work done in therapy. Be thinking of generalization activities that you have found helpful to share with the group.

This Roundtable will be moderated by Tricia Krauss-Lehrman and Elyse Lambeth. We look forward to an engaging discussion!

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    Thanks for all you do to provide therapy and support to people with fluency disorders!

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