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Roundtable Discussion

Welcome to the Specialist Roundtable Discussion

Join the American Board of Fluency and Fluency Disorders for an upcoming Virtual Roundtable discussion!

2023 Schedule (subject to change):

March Round Table Discussion
Sunday, March 26th, 7:00 PM, EST

Mentorship for Board Certification: Exploring Ways to Maximize the Process

This event is intended for those:

• Considering board certification

• Currently working with a mentor

• Past, current and potential mentors

Please join us for this month’s round table for an in-depth discussion of the mentorship process. Whether you are considering board certification or an experienced mentor we would love to hear from you. Topics to be explored include finding a mentor, ideas for enhancing your mentorship experience, as well as answering general questions regarding the process. We look forward to talking with you!

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Please use the links below to watch past presentations:


January Roundtable

"School SLPs and their Students who Stutter: Developing IEP Goals
and Increasing Parent Participation"

February Roundtable

"Atypical Disfluencies"

January Roundtable

"School SLPs and their Students who Stutter: Developing IEP Goals
and Increasing Parent Participation"


JANUARY Roundtable 

no password needed

FEBRUARY Roundtable

"Practical Help Using Zoom and Other Platforms"

password: 5^cw$1m9

MARCH Roundtable

"Client Driven Therapy"

password: ULW!@!6N

APRIL Roundtable

"The Therapeutic Dance"

recording not available

AUGUST Roundtable

"A Panel Discussion with Board Certified Specialists"

recording not available

SEPTEMBER Roundtable


OCTOBER Roundtable

"Rationale-Based Therapy"


    MAY Roundtable

    password: 3t@#G#2%

    JUNE Roundtable 

    password: 0c!c82Jg

    JULY Roundtable 

    password: 5p!6CU!m

    AUGUST Roundtable 

    password: L!zT8F!Z

    SEPTEMBER Roundtable 

    recording not available

    OCTOBER Roundtable 

    no password needed

    NOVEMBER Roundtable

    "The Lived Experience"

    password: $edT3.a6

    Thanks for all you do to provide therapy and support to people with fluency disorders!

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