The following resources provide you with more information regarding Specialty Certification, fluency disorders and available support:


The homepage of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
Click this link for specific information regarding Specialty Certification Programs.

Friends - The National Association of Young People Who Stutter

An organization providing support and education to children and teens who stutter, families and clinicians.

International Cluttering Association

The primary goal of the International Cluttering Association is to increase public and professional awareness about this communication disorder, so that ultimately more effective treatments can be established.

International Fluency Association

The International Fluency Association is a not-for-profit, international, interdisciplinary organization devoted to the understanding and management of fluency disorders, and to the improvement in the quality of life for persons with fluency disorders.

International Stuttering Association

Our objective is to improve the conditions for children, adolescents and adults who stutter and parents of children who stutter in all countries.

National Stuttering Association

The National Stuttering Association, world’s largest organization of people who stutter, helps people who stutter and their families through local support groups, a national conference and regional events. The NSA offers continuing education for speech-language pathologists and sponsors research on stuttering.

The Stuttering Association for The Young (SAY); formerly Our Time (

A non-profit organization that uses the arts to improve the confidence and communication skills of children who stutter.

Stuttering Foundation

The Stuttering Foundation provides free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering. The foundation also provides training for speech and language pathologists in the area of fluency.

The Stuttering Homepage

The Stuttering Home Page is dedicated to providing information about stuttering and other fluency disorders for both consumers and professionals who work with people who stutter. It includes information about research, therapy, support organizations, resources for professors who teach fluency disorders courses, materials for kids who stutter, and much more.

StutterTalkĀ® is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to talking about stuttering. StutterTalk is the first and longest running podcast on stuttering. Since 2007 we have published more than 400 weekly podcasts.

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